Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Robbie Williams

Robert Peter Williams (Robbie Williams) is my favourite singer who was born on the 13th of February 1974. He grew up in Stoke On Trent with his Mum, Janet and older sister Sally, as his mum and dad split up when Robbie was only three. Robbie used to be in Take That at the age of 16 but quit in 1995 to become a solo artist. But just recently he joined Take That again shortly after he married his wife, Ayda Field, a Turkish actress. Currently Robbie is living in LA and having a great time there. His first hit single was 'Freedom' from George Michael which hit No.2 on the charts. His first top ten single was Freedom and his first solo album was 'Life Thru A Lens'. My favourite song by him is hard to choose but I think it might just have to be Angels.

Here are some random facts about Robbie:

He is 6'1.

His eye colour is green.

His star sign is Aquarius.

In 1988 Robbie played The Artful Dodger in his school production of Oliver.

Robbie failed ALL of his GCSEs as he was not very smart.

His favourite food is sushi and sashimi, toasted tuna and onion and salad cream sandwiches that his mum makes.

Before Robbie was a singer he was a salesman.

Robbie has loads of favourite artists and two of his favourites are Oasis and U2.

In his spare time Robbie like to play golf, spend time with his mum and sister, chill at home, Rollerblade, fish and play football.

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