Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is a famous American actress and pop singer who was born on the 23rd of November 1992. She is now 18. She was brought up in Nashville, Tennessee and her given name is Destiny Hope Cyrus. Miley can play the piano, guitar and sing! Here are some of the films she has been in:

2003: Big Fish

2007: High school musical 2

2008: Bolt

She is an amazing actress and has been in a lot of films. I think she is brilliant!


Victorious is a show on Nickelodeon about a student called Tori Vega. Tori is really talented and joins an Arts school. She has loads of friends but one enemy called Jade who poured black coffee on her hair! Tori got her back during a lesson when she won a game against Jade, then Tori kissed her boyfriend! Sometimes Tori has become jealous like when she squirted hot cheese in her friends Cat’s hair because she kissed Tori’s x-boyfriend. Victoria Justice plays Tori, Leon Thomas King II plays AndrĂ© and Adrina. This show is amazing and everyone should watch it!!!

By Zoe

The Ventura


The Ventura is a P & O cruise ship. This cruise ship is one of the largest in the fleet along with the Azura .On the Ventura you’ll find a different range of sports, bars, restaurants, spas and theatres. The Ventura also has a selection of special features that no other ship has, such as an amazing restaurant. The more you pay to go on a cruise ship the greater your room is. I would recommend this cruise ship as I’ve been on it myself. It was great fun and I got to join the Kid’s Club.

By Meghan

Jeremy strong

Jeremy Strong is one of my all time favourite authors because his books are really funny and fairly easy to read!! Jeremy said the aim of his books is to make children laugh because when he was a child that was the kind of book that he loved!

Jeremy Strong says that when he was a child he was accident prone and when he was three he fell out of a two story apartment, but he said that it didn’t hurt! He had loved writing stories since he was a child. Here are some of the books he has written since:





I am sure that if you try these books you will love them so pop down to your local library and give it a go!

Gomeo and Juliet

Gnomeo and Juliet looks like a fantastic film based on the famous novel written by Shakespeare called Romeo and Juliet. However, the difference is instead of Romeo and Juliet being ordinary people, they are actually little tiny gnomes! They are both in love but have to get through lots of tricky obstacles in their way. They go on lots of adventures just to see each other because they are in love but with plastic pink flamingos and lawnmower races standing in their way will they ever find true love?

By Amy

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Club Penguin

I keep hearing about Club Penguin. What is it?!

Club Penguin is an online virtual community owned by Disney, and aimed at children aged six to 14 years of age. Users create a cute cartoon penguin to represent themselves in the world which is set on a snow-covered island. Users can take part in a number of activities and games, or chat with other users. These messages are typed and they appear in a speech bubble above their penguin’s head. When you play mini-games you earn money which provides you to buy clothes for your penguin.
                                         Does it cost anything?
               No, it’s absolutely free except if you want to be a member you pay!                                                           
You can become a ninja at the Dojo! You have to compete against other players first and earn the belts. There are 9 belts to earn then you become a ninja and you can go into the secret room, but you can only do things in there if you’re a member! Like become a water ninja or a fire ninja!

                                                      Pets for penguin
If you go to the Plaza and go in the pet shop you can buy a pet puffle for your penguin. You can feed it and play with it and even put it on a lead so you can walk around town with it!

So now you have all the facts about club penguin - it’s a great game!

Australia floods

Australia has suffered terrible floods. Now flood waters in Queensland, Australia, look like they've reached their highest levels yet. The swollen Fitzroy River has reached a depth of 9.2 metres - and could go up to 9.4 metres! It's expected to stay at its peak for two days. Officials say around 400 more homes in the city of Rock Hampton face flooding and thousands more are likely to have water pouring through their gardens. About 1,400 homes are underwater, and thousands more are threatened.

At least 18 people have died in Australia's flood disaster so far and dozens of people are still missing. Everyone is hoping that the rain will stop soon.

By Billie-jo


Tangled is a new film based on the fairy tale Princess Rapanzel who is locked in a tower by a witch called Gothel. Then a Robin Hood type character named Flynn Rider finds the tower and climbs up it, but unfortunately he falls unconscious when Rapanzel hits him on the head with a frying pan! They both escape from the tower and Rapanzel thinks she will be free forever, but loads of bad guys are after her and Flynn. They want Rapanzel because her hair is magic. Let’s hope Flynn can save her before the bad guys catch her. This film is suitable for the whole family and I can’t wait to watch it!

By Charlotte

Gulliver’s Travel 3D

Gulliver’s Travel is about a man who works in a mail room and then gets a promotion to be a travel writer. Firstly he goes to a weird place where he is a giant compared to everyone else. He has many adventures while he is there! He has a crush that then comes to help him, luckily she is a giant too! Some people take over the land and he saves them. The film has a happy ending and I think you should definitely watch it - that’s if you like comedies! If you watch it in 3D it is amazing because everything shoots out at you and it looks like you will die! It is AMAZING!