Tuesday, 4 December 2012

One Direction

One Direction!
Band members: Harry ,Liam ,Niall ,Louis ,Zayn


Mum: is called Anne
Sister: is called Gemma
Birthday: is 1st Febuary 1994
Hidden talent: juggling
Dislikes: mayonnaise

Top 5 facts
·       He knows how to knit
·       Talks in his sleep
·       He can play the kazoo
·       He can speak French
·       Harry likes to take long showers

Mum: Karen
Dad: Geoff
Sisters: Nicole and Ruth
Birthday:29th August 1993
Dislikes: spoons

Top 5 facts

·       He has a strange fear of spoons
·       With his fear of spoons he eats ice-cream with a fork
·       Doesn’t dink alcohol
·       He only has 1 kidney
·       Favourite colour is purple

: Niall
Dad Bobby
Mum: Mora
Brother: Greg
Birthday: 13th September 1993
Dislikes: the TV show the only way is Essex

Top 5 facts

·       He never went to a school prom
·       He sings in the shower
·       Niall’s microphone has the colours of the Irish flag stuck on the bottom of it
·       He is Irish
·       His middle name is James


Mum: Johanna
Dad: Mark
Sisters: Charlotte, Felicity and twins daisy and phoebe
Birthday: Christmas Eve 1991
Dislikes: tattoos

Top 5 facts
·       He has a dog named Ted
·       He once pulled a Moonie at his head teacher
·       Because of that he got suspended and had to retake year 12
·       His favourite colour is dark red
·       He played Danny in the film Grease


Mum: Tricia
Dad: Yaser
Sisters: Waliyha, Safaa and Doniha
birthday: 12th January 1993
Dislikes: heights

Top 5 facts

·       ‘Zayn’ means beautiful in Arabic
·       Favourite food is chicken
·        He has light brown eyes
·       He can play the triangle
·       His shoe size 8 and a half
This is an advert with drew breez:

 By Amelia


.    There are loads of different types of turtles. Some of the scientist say there are loads of strange
2. T here are110 turtles.
3. There are loads of types of seas they can live in.
By Megan

Little Mix

Little mix

I like little mix because I think they are good singers and good people and if people haven’t seen them sing or listened then they should because there amazing.

They sing songs like wings, DNA, don’t let go, cannon ball and they went on x factor and one. It they are surprisingly good people should love them because they are outstanding.

By Casey

yo yo


Yo-Yos are really fun because it can do
lots of tricks. You can get lots of types of yo yos. You should get a yoyo because they are really fun. So get one now because they are really fun. It is fun once you have one and you can play with it and do lots of tricks if you get good

BBFC History 1912-1982

BBFC classifies all the movies in the UK. here is a brief history


U universal
A adult


Hhorror was introduced u and a stayed


X horror was changed to x


AA over 14s admitted and a new font was mandatory



PG a to pg



R18 licensed cinemas only

Uc Uc was designed for under 4s

also all logos were in colour


the logos had a redesign


another design change


Uc was retired in 2009.

here are the present irish IFCO symbols


by Jack

Perry little mix


Nick name: Pezz
Random fact: Perrie eats 9 packets of crisps a day
Favourite food: Everything she loves food
Favourite colour: blue!!!
Favourite musicians: Steve Perry (journey)
Favourite movie: the notebook

Listen to their music because Perrie is a brilliant singer

By Hayley

Little Mix

Little Mix


Age: 21
Favourite food: Nandos
Favourite colour: Every Colour!
Favourite movies: Taken
Nicknames: Jesminda
Random fact: She has a weird habit of clicking her knuckles!
Where did you grow up? : Essex


Age: 20
Favourite food: Nachos all the trimmings
Favourite Colour: Green
Favourite movies: Titanic, Jason’s lyric and anything scary!
Nickname: Fresh princess
Random fact: she has a phobia of flies (and any bugs that fly!)
Where did you grow up? : High Wycombe


Age: 19  
Favourite food: Lasagne and biscuits  
Favourite colour: Purple and teal
Favourite movies: Disney, PS I love you and seven pounds
Nickname: Used to get called Pickle because I was 'so cute u cud keep me in a pickle jar' now it's Poopey

Random fact: Jade is scared of clowns
Where did you grow up: South Shields


Age: 18
Favourite food: Everything!!
Favourite colour: blue
Favourite movies: The Notebook
Nickname: Pezz
Random fact:Perrie has a tiny oesophagus so she can't swallow anything larger than a grain of rice - she can't take medicine in the form of pills!
Where did you grow up: South Sheilds
By Evie