Tuesday, 31 January 2012

My big fat Gypsy wedding

My big fat Gypsy wedding is about the traveller community getting married. For this day they get dressed up in big frilly dresses for a once in a life time opportunity. It doesn’t matter about your age Gypsy’s get married at the age of 16 onwards. Even new born babies have little frilly dresses that get passed down from the family or brand new. Little girls about 6 even wear big high heels because they think there older than what they are. WOULD YOU HAVE A WEDDING LIKE THIS????

The day my kitten tasted air

The day my kitten first went out side is when she started to enjoy life and have fun also to be a normal, fun, loving kitten. She attacked the grass, climbed up trees and played with a tennis ball she also sat out side and watched the sun set fade away. But that’s what it was like back then now she lays on my bed watching the day go by and when I go to sleep she lays right next to me always by my side.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


My hobby is dance and I have been doing dance for 8 years. I go to lots of places to dance like Blackpool, Scotland and places like that. I like doing this hobby because it is fun,
and people go on TV shows like Britain’s Got Talent and Got To Dance. My dance is called freestyle but there are all different types of dance like Street dance, Contemporary but there are many more types of dance- it depends on what country you go to. I hope you give dance a go.

guinea pigs

How to look after guinea pigs
They need food and water and need to be cleaned out once a week or so. They need to have somewhere to sleep and a run to breathe and you need a hutch
They need a lot of sawdust and hay, water and food.

By Rachel

got to dance

Got to dance is a popular TV show its on sky 1. In the past few years these are some people who have been on it Tamara Robinson and Emily Crow and a lot more. These are some people who have won Got to dance in the past,Chris and Wez and Akia. Chris and Wez now have there own TV show so you know what they get up to and Akia does shows and has starred in the new film Horrid Henry The Movie- the newest kid film out.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Do You Agree?

Recent news reports have been saying that Children roughly spend 4 – 6 hours on video games per week do you agree to this if so or if not please complete the poll below and all the awnsers will be added up and a rough total time will be aunounced.

The day i got a Corn Snake

The day I got my Corn snake I had to hold it when I got home to get used to me and then I had to leave it for two days so it could settle down and then you can feed them their food which is small garden mice and then you leave them for another 2 days and then you can hold them and you clean them every 6 months so if you get one make sure you take care of it.