Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Britains Got Talent Live Tour

A few months ago I went to see Britain’s Got Talent Live Tour in Bournemouth. I went with my aunt, mum and brother and it was excellent. I saw so many good acts, but my favourite act was the 4 youngest boys, the two young ones in Diversity, Shaheen Jafargholi, a singer, and Aiden Davis, a break dancer. There were also lots more acts like Shaun Smith, Julian Smith, Flawless, 2 grand and lots, lots more. There were also three extra performances which were George Sampson, the winner of 2008s Britain’s Got Talent, Darth Jackson, a mix between Michael Jackson and Darth Vader, and DJ Talent, a rapper. The whole show was excellent so I highly recommend live tours and definitely Britain’s Got Talent live tours!

Piam Brown Ward

Mrs Fenton took 4 pupils to take Easter Eggs to the children with cancer at Southampton General on the Piam Brown Ward. It is named the Piam Brown Ward because before they had the ward, the children with cancer would go on a normal ward - there was a boy called Piam Brown who had to go there and unfortunately he died. His parents raised a lot of money to create a children’s cancer ward. We took about 320 eggs - the children on the ward will appreciate them!! It was quite hard seeing kids my age that were really poorly. Thank you to everyone who bought an egg because it will make them smile!!

Adam 5ZJ

Alexandra Burke

Alexandra Burke is a singer who won the X factor in 2008. She has got a new CD called overcome. It includes these songs:

Bad Boys

Good night good morning

The silence

All night long

Bury me

Broken heels



Gotta go

You broke my heart

Nothing but the girl

They don’t know


I really enjoyed the CD I hope you enjoy will enjoy it too. My favourite songs are Bad boys and Hallelujah.

The Princess And The Frog !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Princess and the Frog is a film about an ordinary girl called Tiana who lives in New Orleans with her mum. She dreams of owning her own restaurant because she loves cooking, but at the moment she is just a waitress. When a new prince arrives a magic witch doctor turns him into a frog. When Tiana is at a party with her best friend Charlotte she finds a frog that talks in a dressing room, so she kisses him but she turns into a frog instead. She must go into the rainforest with the prince (frog) to look for another witch doctor. On the way she finds a crocodile that plays the trumpet and a firefly! They think that the frog must kiss Charlotte to turn back into a prince but they must do it before midnight. Will they kiss in time before the strikes 12?

By Charlotte

Lark Rise to Candleford

Lark Rise to Candleford is on Sunday’s on BBC 1. It is a mixture about people who live in Candleford and country people from Lark Rise. The people from Candleford are very posh and extremely funny, especially Minnie who is the maid for Miss Lane at the post office, she is the funniest out of everyone from Lark Rise and Candleford. It runs for twelve episodes at a time. It is a lovely thing to watch before you go to school the next day, or for you adults before work because it’s funny!

Fleur Moore 5ZJ

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


This will tell you all about how to look after a horse:

1. Make sure you put it in a suitable field.

2. Look after it every day – feeding and watering it, checking it is ok, brush it and pick out its hooves.

3. Feed it carrots and apples.

4. If it’s been good you can give it a sugar lump!

5. Only start riding a horse when it’s ready. That doesn’t mean you can just jump on it the moment it turns three. You have to break it in gradually, and give it a few months to get used to a human on its back.

6. NEVER walk round the back of a horse because it might kick you!

Justin Bieber Fact file

He’s produced 46 songs and a new album called MY WORLD

He’s a sixteen year old who loves Salina Gomez.

He loves skateboarding and hanging out with his mates in his VILLA.

He’s been in the top 20 three times so far!
By Charlotte

NOW 75

The new Now That’s What I Call Music! CD is now here! Now 75 will be released on March 29th 2010 with lots of new brilliant songs:
• Sugababes – About A Girl

• Alicia Keys – Empire State Of Mind (Part II) Broken Down

• Iyaz – Replay

• Pixie Lott – Cry Me Out

• N-Dubz ft. Mr Hudson – Playing With Fire

• JLS – Everybody In Love

• Alexandra Burke – Broken Heels

• Lady Gaga – Bad Romance

• Ke$ha – Tik Tok

• Robbie Williams – You Know Me

• Rihanna – Russian Roulette

• The Saturdays – Ego

• X Factor Finalists – You Are Not Alone

• Lemar – The Way Love Goes

• Jedward ft. Vanilla Ice – Under Pressure (Ice, Ice Baby)

• Glee Cast – Don’t Stop Believin’

• Chipmunk ft. Talay Riley – Look For Me

By Adam & Nat 5ZJ

Total Wipeout

Total Wipeout is an excellent TV show on the BBC channel. The contestants have to finish an obstacle course which is surrounded by water and often pools of mud. The twenty contestants battle it out to win the grand prize of £10,000.

The show is set in Argentina and is presented by Richard Hammond, who often gives the contestants nicknames and makes fun of them while they’re doing the course, but in a friendly way. Amanda Byram interviews the contestants and congratulates them once they have finished the course.

There are 4 different rounds with a lot of different obstacles. In the first round, The Qualifier, there are obstacles like the sucker punch; where you have to avoid punches on a climbing wall. If you fall, a mud pit catches you and you have to crawl out. There are also the big red balls; these are four huge red bouncy balls and you have to bounce across them to the other side.

The second round is called the sweeper; there is a long sweeper and the contestants stand on a small podium. They then have to jump over the sweeper; this takes out contestants until there are five remaining. This continues to see who the last man standing is.

The third round is called Dizzy Dummies. The contestants are spun around and then made to do a lot of difficult obstacles while they’re dizzy. This is usually one of the funniest rounds as people are falling all over the place.

The final round is called The Wipeout Zone; the three remaining contestants are put through a lot of difficult obstacles like the spinner and the brusher. The spinner is where you jump onto a spinning platform and try to stay upright. You then continue onto the brusher which is a spinning log with prongs to brush you off. Then the contestant with the quickest time wins.

There is also an American version of Total Wipeout, presented by Bob Monkhouse. The American version is very similar, although it has bigger cash prizes and is filmed in California, rather than Argentina.

By Amy

Hannah Montana The Movie

Hannah Montana The Movie is a film of the smash hit show Hannah Montana.
 It is about a girl called Miley who has a secret identity as a superstar Hannah Montana. She is so caught up with stardom her dad sends her back to Tennessee where she grew up. She goes back to her Grandma’s house to stay with her. She meets a boy called Travis who she used to be friends with and she helps him build a chicken coop for the chickens. Her best friend Lilly comes to Tennessee and pretends to be Hannah for a bit because Miley said to Travis that she knows Hannah Montana. They arrange a concert to raise money for Crowley Corners. It’s full of amazing songs. I recommend this for age 6+. It is a great film, I love it and I hope you do too!

By Charlotte

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The Tale of Despereaux

The Tale of Despereaux is a movie about a small mouse who loves music, stories and a princess called Pea. That small little mouse is called Despereaux Tilling. He’s not just a normal little mouse. He is very brave and lets nothing defeat him. It’s also about a little rat called Roscuro who lives in the darkness with no friends at all. At the start of the movie it is a day called Soup day at a place called The Kingdom of Dor. Soup day is a very special day for every one who lives there because the chef of the town shares his new soup recipe with the people of the town. But because the rat Roscuro interfered with the cooking ,because the soup smelt so nice, he accidentally fell from the chandelier and lands on the queens soup! The queen is so scared so Roscuro tries to apologize, but the horrified Queen screams and drops dead of a heart attack. On that terrible day, the kingdom changed forever. The heartbroken King banishes both soup and rats from his kingdom. But he doesn’t know that a massive world of rats live in the castle’s dungeon. So what will happen to the king, the rat Roscuro and the brave little mouse Despereaux Tilling.

By Amy

The Princess and the Frog

The Princess and the Frog is a five star flim.

 Viewers say it’s a must watch. In the film a princess kisses a frog and instead of the frog turning into a prince, the princess turns into a frog! Find out if the princess turns back into a human before it’s too late!