Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Top Tips For Noadswood

Listen up Year 6s; your worries are over!
Every Orchard pupil in Year 6 has their moments of, ‘I don’t want to go to big school!’ but this only occurs because of certain rumours such as: on your first day, your going to get egged! Or you’re going to get your head flushed down the loo!
None of this is true, since only the Year 7s go to school on the first day, the rest of the school come the next day. We have spoken to ex Orchard pupils who say they are very happy at their secondary school.

Top tips:
· Warning! You may need a folder or two-or three …OK five!
· Try to make friends with older pupils to show you around and back you up.
· Don’t worry about getting lost, you’ll be given a map!

From your U. C. Ws (unidentified clever writers!)

$£$ Burglary and Phone Theft $£$

It is so frustrating when you hear on the news, “There has been a burglary.” But it is even worse when you, yourself, have been burgled and you don’t know who did it! It is all just a mystery…
It is stated that, “A person is guilty of burglary if he enters any building or part of a building as a trespasser with intent to steal any precious items of the owner’s house or flat.” Afterwards, the police will try to track them down. Then they may even be sent to prison, depending on how bad the crime was.
Many crimes have taken place all over the world, and no-one knows if there is a new gang of robbers about! My advice is to keep on the light when you go out and then burglars will still think you are in the house. Put a lock on the door, and then they can’t get in unless they break it open.
Phone theft is a crime that often happens to people our age. Phone theft is when your phone gets stolen by burglars.
Here are some vital facts about phone theft:
1. Phones are stolen every three minutes.
2. The youngest phone thieves are under 16.
3. Half of people whose phones have been stolen are under 18.
Here is some advice to stop people from getting your phone:
Try to not use your phone in public;
mark your phone to identify your phone;
People like the latest phones to steal so don’t buy a fancy phone!

By Harry

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

The New Pond!

After many years, our pond (on the west side of the school) was starting to rot away and was unuseable. Luckily, our head school councillor, Ellen Smith, entered our School in a competition!
We all waited for a letter telling us if we had won the competition. Finally we got a letter saying we had won and that the Prince’s Trust was coming to refurbish the pond area! When the Prince’s Trust came they worked for a WHOLE week, in pouring rain! They cleared away the muck and overgrown weeds, and dug flowerbeds and made a decked area.
We also held a non-uniform day on the 4th of April to raise money to buy some benches and flowers to finish it off, and we can then use our new pond area!

Non-Uniform Day For Orchard!

On Friday the 4th of April Orchard Junior held a mufti day to raise money for plants for our new pond and study area. Everyone enjoyed our non uniform day because they were allowed to choose their own clothes to wear. Everyone brought in a £1.00 donation (or more!). In total we raised £912! WOW! One generous parent raised £400, Waitrose gave us £100, and the children and staff raised £412.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

How to draw a cartoon penguin

Start your penguin off with an egg shape for his belly

Next add a body around it which is a shape like this. Practice this shape a few times until you are happy with it, then move on.

Now add a head which is roughly egg shaped.

Next, draw two ovals for the feet
For the beak, draw two orange triangles joined together in a beak shape.

Big white eyes make your penguin look younger. Smaller eyes can make cartoons seem evil. This would be useful if you were doing a whole strip with lots of cartoon penguins. Some could have big eyes and others could have smaller eyes.


Easter Wordsearch

By Megan and Charlotte