Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Alexandra Burke

Alexandra Burke is a singer who won X factor in 2008 December. She is 21 and her birthday is on 24th August 1988. She has had 3 number 1 hits including Hallelujah, Bad boys and Broken heels. She has a Jamaican dad called David Burke and her mum is Melissa Bell, who used to be a very famous singer. Alexandra also has an album out called Overcome, which is really good.

By Charlotte

Paulton's Park

Thousands of people go to Paulton’s Park every year. There are lots of rides there and it is not that far away! Here are some of the rides:

Children’s rides:

The jumping jack, Seal falls

Digger ride, Ladybird ride

Rabbit ride, Flying frog coaster

Rio Grande railway, Flying saucer

Viking boats.

The big rides:

The edge, The cobra

Sky swinger, Kontiki ride

The jumping bean, Wave runner

Log flume, Stinger roller coaster

Dragon ride, Sirate ship swing boat

Family Rides:

Trekking Tractors, Magic Carpet

The Tea cups, 6- lane astroglide


There are eating areas where you can by chips and other tasty foods. Also there are picnic areas where you can eat your own foods from your area.

If you are looking for a great birthday party then look right here at www.paultonspark.co.uk /groupscorporate/birthdays.html

By Amber and Chloe
Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief in cinemas!

On February 8th 2010, Rick Riordan’s fantastic novel ‘Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief was released in cinemas after a two month delay. It is about a sixteen-year-old boy named Percy who is being accused of the theft of Zeus’ Lightning Bolt. Joined by Annabeth (his future relationship) and half-goat guy, Grover, Percy travels America to receive three lost pearls. He is determined to make it to the Underworld to defeat Hades, but can he make it? A brilliant film, hilarious and action packed!

By Nathaniel 5ZJ

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The Happy Prince

On Tuesday 2nd of February The Puppeteers’ Company came to our school and performed the Happy Prince for us. It is about a prince who dies and is made into a statue. A swallow comes and does good deeds for the Happy Prince, such as taking precious jewels from the prince to the poor and cold people in the town. It was a great play and the puppets were funny. Afterwards they answered questions and showed us how the puppets worked. There were two types of puppets the rod puppets and shadow puppets.
By Sophie and Ellen  

Year Sixties!

On Monday 1st February Year Six had a Sixties day, every one had to dress up as a rocker, a hippy, or a mod. Then they had to wear it to school all day; we all did a catwalk to show off our costumes to the other year six pupils. Then in the afternoon we made necklaces and bracelets using: pompoms, beads and feathers. In Maths we investigated the currency in Britain in the Sixties- pounds, shillings and pence- it was very hard!!!

Harry & Adam

Dancing on Ice

Dancing on Ice is a show on ITV. It starts with 14 couples and ends up with one winner. There are 7 female celebrities and 7 male celebrities.

I like it because I really like dancing and also it’s funny to see people falling over in their practise. The judges are Robin Cousins (The head judge), Emma Bunton (Baby Spice), Jason Gardiner (The nasty judge), Nicky Slater (Who used to be an ice skater) and Karen Barber (The choreographer).

The hosts are Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield. It also stars the professional ice skaters Jane Torville and Christopher Dean, who help the celebrities in their training and at the start of the show perform a little routine.

Dancing on Ice is excellent, so I hope you will watch it and enjoy it! It is on a Sunday night from 6.55pm until 8.30pm and the results show is on from 9.30pm until 10.00pm.
By Amy

Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs

This is a great film and everyone has voted it
5 STARS!!!!
It is about a man who is an inventor and creates a weather machine, so he makes it rain MEATBALLS!
It’s computer animated into a great comedy film with Steve, Sam & Flint as the main characters. In the film Flint made a weather machine when he was young. When he grows up he makes a lot more money than he did working with Tim (his dad) in a bait shop because the mayor pays him to control the weather. Eventually it goes wrong because the food that rains gets bigger, so does the mayor!!!
Flint might die - watch to find out!

Adam Woodhouse 5ZJ

Centre Parcs

Center Parcs is a holiday centre. It is really fun! You can go bike riding, swimming, canoeing and rock climbing. It is a fun place for all the family because you can relax and go to the spa or you can have fun and go to the park. It is great for all ages! I love the different parks there are: Longleat Forest, Elveden Forest, Sherwood Forest, and another one is Whinfell Forest. The one that is closest to us is Longleat. If you go I hope you like the best fun holiday park in the world!!!

By Charlotte
Nanny McPhee 2: The Big Bang

Nanny McPhee returns with more magic than ever! Nanny McPhee 2: The Big Bang comes to cinemas in Easter 2010. Emma Thompson plays the mysterious and magical Nanny McPhee in this thrilling adventure! In this adventure, Mrs. Green needs help sorting out her children when her husband is at war – but the children are having their own fight against some spoiled city cousins who refuse to leave. Guest starring Maggie Gyllenhaal, Maggie Smith, Bill Bailey and Ryhs Ifans.

By Nathaniel 5ZJ

Haiti Emergency Disaster non uniform day!

On the 22nd of January we had a non uniform day for the Haiti Emergency Disaster. We had a target of £250 and we raised £910! We were very proud of our school and hopefully all the money we have raised will really help the people of Haiti! Mr Carson was so pleased with all of us and the teachers also. Mrs Gosney’s class went to Intech but still brought in the money for Haiti and had their non uniform day on the next Friday. The last thing I need to say is a very BIG THANK YOU!!

By Fleur 5ZJ

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

So You Think You Can Dance?

‘So you think you can dance?’ is a new show on BBC. The dances they have to do include jazz, hip hop, broadway, lyrical and contemporary. There are seven girls and seven boys and they are put together in pairs. The host is Cat Deeley, and the judges are Nigel Lythgoe, Arlene Phillips, Louise Redknapp and Sisco Gomez. It is a really exciting show. I recommend this children 6 +. It is on at 6.30pm on Saturday nights.

By Charlotte

Echo Journalist goes back to school!

On Tuesday the 26th of January, Echo Journalist Jon Reeve arrived for a visit at Orchard School. He met the journalism club, who gave him the third degree! Questions varied from asking how to find stories, to a moral dilemma of wheter you would write about a newsworthy item that involves your friends or family. After the interview he talked to Miss Mulley.  She told us, “He said he was very impressed with the questions you asked; and that you were the most switched on and interesting club he’s visited.” Well done Journalism club!

By Adam

Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart is a programme on ITV. It is about an English man and his family who emigrate to a game park in South Africa. The main characters are Danny and Alice, who are vets who look after wild animals like elephants, wild dogs and cheetahs. I recommend this for 7+. It is a great show because it is very entertaining and I hope you watch it and like it!!! It is on at 8:30pm on Sunday night.

By Charlotte