Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Alton Towers

Alton Towers is a great theme park, it has got loads of rides including the new ride 13teen.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to go on it because there was such a long queue
because it is very popular. But I did get to go on Nemesis with my dad, it was
 quite scary because you went really fast and you went upside down a lot of the time.
My favourite ride was Congo River Rapids but I got soaked. Alton Towers is a
 great place, you would love it because of all the fantastic rides!!!

By Charlotte

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

3d Space Chimps 2

The Chimps are back, and this time their adventure continues in stunning 3D animation, in ‘Space Chimps 2’.

Comet, a techno chimp who longs to be a fully fledged Space Chimp, journeys to Planet Malgor where he befriends adorable alien Kilowatt and has the time of his life. However, Comet is suddenly called upon to prove himself when a ruthless alien leader, Zartog, takes over mission control. This is his big chance to show what he can do, as Comet teams up with fellow chimps Ham, Luna and Titan, to save the day.

by Chloe

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

orchard kids kitchen

We are lucky enough to have a kitchen for the kids and over the half term it got redecorated.
They put in a new sink, dishwasher and new units.
We think it looks brilliant and we cannot wait to use it!

by Chloe and Amber

Cheeky Jokes For Kids

Sophie: What is Snow White’s Brother called?

Ellen: Egg White! Get the yolk?’

Sophie: I hate my granny!

Ellen: Have you tried her with some ketchup?

Sophie: When I grow up I want to be a millionaire I’ll own a big mansion without any bathrooms.

Ellen: Why no bathrooms?

Sophie: I want to be filthy rich!

Sophie: Is it good manners to eat chicken with your fingers?

Ellen: No, you should eat your fingers separately.

Sophie: I can lie in bed and watch the sun rise.

Ellen: So what? I can sit in a chair and watch the kitchen sink.

Ellen: Do you want to hear a dirty joke?

Sophie: Okay.

Ellen: The white horse fell in the mud!

Ellen: Did your dad help you with your homework?

Sophie: No, he did it all himself!

Ellen: I asked everybody to draw a ring why did you draw a square?

Sophie: This Square is a ring – a boxing ring.

Ellen: My friend thinks she has the face of a twenty year old.

Sophie: Well she better give it back – she is making it all wrinkled!

Dr. Ellen: What type of filling do you want in your mouth?

Sophie: Chocolate fudge would be fantastic.

Sophie: Spell mouse.

Ellen: M-O-U-S

Sophie: Yes but what is on the end of it?

Ellen: Easy, a tail.

By Sophie and Ellen