Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Panfu is a safe virtual world for kids. When you start you get your own panda bear and your own tree house. On Panfu you can play games, chat, and shop if you’re a golden panda. Also if you are a golden panda you can buy a Wooby (your own pet).
(But you have to pay to be a gold panda!)
I think this website is great, especially when you chat with your friends by the pool. If you join you will love it, it’s great fun.

The Princess Diaries

The Princess Diaries is a comedy drama which is a great girly film to watch on a Saturday night. The main character is Mia Thermopolis who thinks she is just a normal girl. She only has one friend, called Lilly Moscovitz. When Mia gets invited to her Grandmother’s (the queen) grand castle her grandmother tells Mia that her father was the prince of Genovia. Because he died, she now has to be the Princess of Genovia but is all the publicity too much for Mia? Will she decide to be the Princess of Genovia or will she decide to stay with her friends and be a normal girl? So get into your p-js, grab some pop-corn and have a great night in watching The Princess Diaries.

By Amy

Leona Lewis At Nottingham

On the 2nd of June I went to Nottingham to see Leona Lewis live.

She had a support singer called Gabriella Cilmi.
The tour was based on Leona’s favourite film The Labyrinth.
She sang all her songs and she was amazing. At the
end she sang ‘Run’ (originally sung by Snow Patrol)
and you had to get out your phones and wave them
in the air. It looked like loads of stars.

In the end I had brilliant time.

By Chloe

Year Six's Castleton Adventure!

On Monday 21st of June, Year six will be embarking on a six hour journey to Castleton, Derbyshire; they will be hiking up a mountain, swimming, going on a boat journey though a flooded cave, meeting a knight and having a talent show. They will arrive back on Friday 25th, just prior to collapsing in their beds!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Starstuck 2010

Starstruck 2010 is an amazing film on Disney Channel. Its all about a young pop star called Christopher Wilde who wants to be in a movie, but the only way he can get in is if he doesn’t get in all of the magazines from the paparazzi. He has a famous girlfriend who only likes him for his money but he doesn’t notice that. However when he meets Jessica Olsen he falls for her instead, but Jessica says she doesn’t actually like him because she thinks he thinks a lot of himself. When Jessica hangs out with him for a while she finds out he’s not such a bad guy after all but unfortunately the paparazzi find him with Jessica and he gets in the magazines. The director of the movie will only let him in if he admits he doesn’t know Jessica. So which one will he choose, the girl or the movie?

By Amy

The Story Teller

We very luckily have a story teller who visits Orchard and tells us about myths and famous stories, for example Oliver Twist.

He always tries to get everybody involved (even the teachers).

He came in today to tell Year 3 stories about Aboriginal people.

Everybody really enjoys the story teller. I cannot want until next time!!!

By Ellen

Big Time Rush

Big Time Rush is a programme on Nickelodeon about 4 hockey playing boys, who get
a once in a life time opportunity to be in a band in LA.

The leader is Kendall, the confident one is James, the brain box
is Logan and the joker is Carlos.
Their manager is Gustavo but he is quite mean. In this show there is lots humour
and a lot of singing, I love this show because it is very entertaining.
I recommend this for children aged 7 and above, it is a great show and you
 should definitely watch it!!!


Osmington Bay

Osmington Bay is a holiday park with lots of cool activities including aeroball, Jacob’s ladder, the giant swing, trapeze, rock climbing, fencing, archery and abseiling. I did every thing but abseiling because I got a bit scared. There were 9 groups with 11 children in each group. Our leaders were Alice, Zoe and Paul. Paul was especially funny!! The staff were very friendly and caring. I recommend that when you get to Year 5 and get the opportunity to go to Osmington Bay you should definitley go!!!! It was the best trip ever!

By Sophie