Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Starstuck 2010

Starstruck 2010 is an amazing film on Disney Channel. Its all about a young pop star called Christopher Wilde who wants to be in a movie, but the only way he can get in is if he doesn’t get in all of the magazines from the paparazzi. He has a famous girlfriend who only likes him for his money but he doesn’t notice that. However when he meets Jessica Olsen he falls for her instead, but Jessica says she doesn’t actually like him because she thinks he thinks a lot of himself. When Jessica hangs out with him for a while she finds out he’s not such a bad guy after all but unfortunately the paparazzi find him with Jessica and he gets in the magazines. The director of the movie will only let him in if he admits he doesn’t know Jessica. So which one will he choose, the girl or the movie?

By Amy

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