Tuesday, 18 March 2008

How to Draw a Cartoon Cow

Start drawing a cow with a biggish oval for the mouth area.

Now add eyes. Try and make them roughly the same size as each other.

Next a big grin and the sides of the face. Look at where I have overlapped the eyes a little.

Next draw ears and a tongue and put pupils in the eyes. Big pupils make cows look younger and happier than small pupils.

Finally, add some horns and nostrils and a bit of colour.
You could try adding big eyelashes to your own cow cartoon.

Whales, Dolphins and Sharks

Whales, Dolphins and Sharks

Whales are being poached in Antarctica and Chinese waters and the poachers say their using them for research, but there not they taking them for food, which I think is disgusting because who would eat animals for no reason.
Sharks and Dolphins are being poached aswell but why do Norway and Japan people do it? Why would the do it? One because they are evil and two because there disgusting people. One day these people will be arrested for animal cruelty and murdering the animals.
If people enjoy poaching they should be poached themselves or be drowned by being pulled behind a boat.
If you want to help save Dolphins, Whales and Sharks donate £2 a month to the whale and dolphin conservation society. Because of the Japanese and the Norwegian are accused of a full industrial-scale hunting which has become illegal since 1996.

By Charles

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Latest Quiz

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The answers for the last quiz were: for maths, 28, for English, potatoes, crisp, and for science a few of the possible names were: bacteria, fungi, Protozoa and the ever popular germs.

Latest Quiz!


Ali and Rich buy two tickets to a concert. They by two drinks and two packets of crisps. Altogether they spent £35.00 and the crisps cost 5 percent of this. How much did the crisps cost?


Kay and Mark are doing genres of fiction in class. Some genres include fantasy and comedy. How many more genres can you think of?


Many artists are famous for their particular styles. What style where the Fauves famous for?

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Saved by a bakery!

Chocolate Muffin was saved by a bakery from being killed for food. But luckily a bakery in Fair oak saved him by raising enough money to let him go, but he had over grown hooves so had trouble walking. This is Chocolate Muffin when he had just come in.

Please go to the website on http://www.sfaw.co.uk/ and sponsor an animal now!

Thank You.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Fab Football

In February this year the England football players, Andrew Surman, Luke Moore and their under 21 manager, Stewart Pearce, came to visit our school. Some lucky people had a chance to ask them some questions. Here are some of the ones they asked…
Who encouraged you to play football?
My dad encouraged me, Luke Moore told us.
What made you be a manager after being a footballer?
I did not want to give up my career, Stewart Pearce explained.

The footballers were really happy to be at Orchard and they didn’t mind answering our questions.
They later played in the England v Republic of Island under 21’s match. In the end England won

At Orchard Junior School some of our own footballers played their version of the match. Our school match scores were:
The boys score was 2-1 to England.
The girls drew 0-0.
We all had great fun that day!

By Charlotte Barrow
Megan Townsend
Lurking Litter

Everyone knows about terrible litter but no-one seems to listen. The government tell us again and again but only sensible people care.
It’s hurting the environment, especially animals because if they get trapped, they can usually never get out. This tragedy has happened many times however, if we start to listen more carefully to people’s words, we could save hundreds, even thousands, of happy lives.
Animals get wounded, even killed, just because of dirty rubbish. They’re just like us and deserve as much respect as we get.
It is true that:
1. 88% of animals get injured by glass.
2. 71% of animals get ill from swallowing food on the floor.
3. 51% of animals get cut by cans.
I say it’s wrong and unfair on the animals so clean up the environment or some people will despise your angry reputation! Even if you tidy up the world even the tiniest bit, you will help Mother Nature.
I find it very disappointed about the environment but you should too, otherwise:
· Maybe some species will become extinct.
· We won’t be able to learn about the wildlife.
Please look at my work and I hope you respond to my article.

School Jokes

Q.1.what do you say if you get in trouble for not doing your homework?
"You can't tell me off for doing something I didn't do!"

Q.2.What's an eight letter word that has only 1 letter in it?
An envelope!

Q.3.What did 1 pencil say to the other? "You're looking sharp today!"

Q.4.How long does it take for a gymnast to get to class? A split second!

Q.5.Why did the egg get thrown out of class? It kept telling yokes!

Q.6.What does an elf learn at school? The elf-abet

Q.7.Whats black,white and terrifying? A maths test!

Q.8.What is the longest word in the dictionary? SMILES,because it has a mile between the 2 s's!

Q.9.What happened when the teacher tied 1 of the studants shoe laces together? They went on a class trip!

Q.10.What is a cows favourite school activity? MOO-SIC!HA!HA!HA!

Q.11.What do jokes and pencils have in common? They're no good without a point!

Q.12.Why was the lightbulb failing his tests? Because he wasn't to bright!HA!HA!HA!

Q.13.What is a pirates favourite subject? Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt

Q.14.What do you get if you cross a pair of pants with a dictionary? SMARTY PANTS!

Q.15.Why did the potato jump of the building?Because he wanted to be mashed potato!