Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Dani Harmer

Dani Harmer is famous for her programme Tracy Beacker, she is a famous actor and singer who has been on t.v since the age of 6. She now does a programme called Dani’s House. It was a hit show world wide and also in 2009 she received a Blue Peter badge and has two tatoos one on her back and the other on her hip.
By Olivia

Awesome facts about Katy Perry!!!!

Katy Perry!

Katy Perry ( born Kathryn Elizabeth Hudson ;October 25th , 1984 ) She has a pet kitty called Kitty Purry she seems to like horses but she doesn’t seem to have one because she loves her cat sooooooooo! Much and she would not give up on 2 year old Kitty purry ahhhhhh!!!!
Her parents Keith Hudson and Mary Perry are astonished by her album selling’s and her art as a dancer as well as being proud.


Paramore is an American rock band from Franklin, Tennessee, formed in 2004. The band consists of lead vocalist Hayley Williams, bassist Jeremy Davis, and guitarist Taylor York. The group released its debut album All We Know Is Falling in 2005, and its second album Riot! in 2007, which was certified Platinum in the US and The Republic of Ireland and Gold in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK. Brand New Eyes, Paramore's third album, was released in 2009 and is the band's highest charting album to date, going platinum in the UK and the Republic of Ireland and gold in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Williams said of the guys when she first met them, "They were the first people I met who were as passionate about music as I was." When Davis showed up, he was stunned to find out the drummer was only twelve years old. He admitted "I had very, very, very, little faith in everyone in the band because of their age. I remember thinking, 'This is not going to work because this kid is way too young,' but that first day of practice was amazing. I knew we were on to something. According to Williams, the name "Paramore" came from the maiden name of the mother of one of their first bass players. Once the group learned the meaning of the homophone "paramour" ("secret lover"), they decided to adopt the name, using the Paramore spelling. The band's first song written together was "Conspiracy", which was later used on their debut album. In 2004, they were a featured band in Purple Door. At this time, they were touring the southeast, usually being driven by Williams' parents. She commented that "Back then, I guess we were all thinking, after school we'll go to the house and practice. It was what we loved to do for fun, and still do! I don't think any of us really knew this would turn out to be what it's become.

By Lucy


Our favourite celebrity show is back on our TV screens, with England’s funniest host’s Ant and Dec. In Australia there are 12 celebs battling it out to be king/queen of the jungle. At the end of each show the viewers have to vote in who they think should do the dreaded bush tucker trial. Lasts years queen of the jungle Stacey Solomon defeated Shaun Rider after going go to the bush spa were she was drowned in crickets, ants and many more horrible creatures. There’s going to be many more horrible creatures this year for the contestants.
I hope you like this information!

By Charlotte

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Roller Hockey

I do Roller Hockey every Saturday for my sport I really enjoy it because it’s really fun and I really like it. I used to be out pitch but now I’m a net minder (which means I’m in goal)! So far I have got 5 trophies and 2 certificates. My team are called Panthers and are 2nd in the league.

children in need 2011

This year children in need have raised the most money on the TV. Also our school raised over £600 for children in need, and we sold cakes to go towards it. So far this year children in need have raised £26,332,334.

The dramatic leave of Kitty Brucknell

Kitty Bruknell left the X factor after being up against Misha B in the bottom 2. Kitty’s last song on the X factor was over the rainbow. Before Kitty left X factor she did something so dramatic nobody else would ever do, she sang a line from Lady Gaga’s Born This Way. Also before Kitty left Lady Gaga gave Kitty and all the other contestants a big hug. Lady Gaga is Kitty Brucknell’s roll model she has always looked up to her.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Show your spots
Show your spots for Pudsey bear,
And show those people,
The fact that you care…

These people might have less,
Or they might have a life threatening

They may have more then most of us,
But they might be un-happy with all the fuss

So donate a little or a lot,
Have some fun with us and show your spots!

By Lucie, Amy, Lucy and Jess

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Rosie my tortoise!! How to look after tortoises? Make sure they are in a good condition. Make sure you feed them probably. Make sure they are in sunlight in the summer. Make sure they are warm in the winter and inside. I hope you like my information by Emily

The Adventures Of Tintin

The adventures of Tintin

Tintin came originally from the comics but get ready to set sail and take flight thorough a amazing world full of adventure and horror. Tintin top the UK box office on its debut week of release. Tintin, snowy and captain haddock go on a treasure hunt to find haddock’s ancestor’s ships to reclaim his treasure that his ancestor left behind, only unexpectedly the ships were found but no treasure so Tintin, snowy and captain haddock travel back home and go to the strangely named “haddock court” in the basement of the manor house haddock says the basement was bigger, and it was a little hole covered the treasure basement and in the end haddock did reclaim his ancestors gold.

By Jack

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Big Gig 2011

The Big Gig 2011

The Big Gig is the Girl Guides very own pop concert. They tour the UK using a number of different venues. There usually is about 8-10 acts and in previous concerts the acts have included JLS, Pixie Lott, Alexander Burke, Tinchy Stryder, Taio Cruz, The Saturdays and many more.

The Big Gig has been running for 10 years but this year has been the biggest yet. Hosted by Helen Skelton, off Blue Peter, there was a huge line up which included:
Eliza Doolittle
Pixie Lott
Olly Murs
Ed Sheeran
Dionne Bromfield
Loick Essien
Alexis Jordan

There were 3 shows this year, 2 afternoon performances and 1 evening performances. I was lucky enough to get a first hand experience of the afternoon performance on Saturday.

The opening act was Olly Murs who had a surprise appearance of Rizzle Kicks which made the audience go wild.

The all time favourite, The Wanted, was the last act on and as far as band go they were the biggest. There was also Parade who, surprisingly, was a great success. Another great success was Alexis Jordan.

The act that was most popular was Ed Sheeran who not only sang his song The A-team but also made his own song using his guitar, his rapping skills and the audience. He sang so well everyone was out of there seats and singing along.

This years Big Gig was great success and I am definitely looking forward to next years which I’m sure is going to be even better!!!

By Seren

Magical Unicorn

This story is about a magical unicorn trying to find her long lost owner.

The unicorn’s best friend is Charlotte. Paige and her best friend charlotte where playing together very nicely. She likes swimming in the pink swimming pool that they have in the unicorn house in the conservatory were the pink swimming pool is. They are having the time of there life in the fantastic pink swimming pool Paige and charlotte were warring bikini ‘s in the pink swimming pool that had fresh pink water in the conservatory

by paige

I met Jacqueline Wilson!

I met Jacqueline Wilson! It was amazing; I had been looking forward to this for ages. I was so excited up until I was walking up the stairs to her dressing room, I felt sick going up there. My mum was walking behind me so there was no escape. I am actually really happy that I forced myself up those stairs, it was all worth it I got most of my books signed. I couldn’t get all of my books signed because I have so many, and I got the new book Sapphire Battersea. I read it in about 4 days, that it was so good.

I hope you like my story.