Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is split into two parts because this is the last film. Harry Potter is a film about wizards who go to Hogwarts School to learn magic. If you have watched the other films you would know that in the 6th film Hogwarts closes because the person that owns Hogwarts dies. In the new film, Harry’s friends are trying to save Harry from the evil Voldimort who needs to kill Harry to survive. This film has lots of adventure and was exciting to watch.  Now everyone is waiting for the next film to come out.  

by chloe   

Im a celebrity get me out of here

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here is an entertainment show on ITV1. It starts at 9.00 and finishes at 10.00. There are a number of celebrities that visit the jungle and have nights of terror! There are lots of different bush tucker trials and you have to collect stars to get food for your team. If you don’t get any they will only have beans and rice! But it’s not that easy! You will be joined by some jungle friends like beetles, crocodiles and spiders. This year Stacy Solomon won. I voted for her and she is now the Queen of the Jungle. The show will be on next year and I hope that you will watch it and enjoy it too.

By Lauren


On Monday the 29th of November 2010 the whole of the Journalism Club went to visit the Daily Echo. At first we went into a big posh meeting room and we were given biscuits and orange juice while the editor Ian Murray talked to us about the different sections of the news such as sport, entertainment and weather. Then he showed us round the huge offices where hundreds of people work. We also got shown around the printing presses, which were enormous and a bit smelly! Lastly we got shown the old dark room where they used to develop photos. This isn’t need now we have digital photos. We had a fantastic time and we also had a picture taken that went in the news paper on the 30th of November. We had a really interesting time and I hope I can get a job as a journalist at the Daily Echo some day!

By Rachael

The Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers are a great band of three who are all brothers with the last name Jonas. There is Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas. They also have a younger brother who is not in the band because he is only 10 years old and is called Frankie. They have a mum and a dad called Denise and Paul.  Paul is the band’s assistant manager. Joe plays guitar and keyboard/piano. He is the percussion leader of the group but he normally does the lead vocals in songs. Nick plays guitar (but not lead guitar), drums and piano/ keyboard. He does vocals too but normally backing vocals. Kevin plays lead guitar and also does mandolin, piano/keyboard and does backing vocals. They have done three tours: ‘Burning Up’, ‘When you look me in the eyes’ and ‘World Tour 2009’.  They have also joined Miley Cyrus on her Best of Both Worlds Tour.  They have made 4 albums, also Nick Jonas made a solo album called ‘Nicholas Jonas’.  The other albums are ‘Its about time’, ‘Jonas Brothers’, ‘A little bit longer’ and ‘Lines, vines and trying times’. They have also been in Camp Rock with Demi Lovato and the follow up movie Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. The Jonas Brothers are a great band and I’m sure you will like them too!

My Amazing trip to the wonderful Hawaii

When I went to Hawaii it was the greatest experience of my life! I went on the Island tour and we travelled in to the crater of the Diamond Head volcano on the Hawaiian Island Honolulu. One of the other great things that happened was getting a pen pal from Denver. It is really fun emailing her each weekend and I have found out loads about Denver. I wish I could go to Hawaii again but my memories are great and will always stay in my mind!!


The Last Song is a film starring Miley Cyrus as Ronnie and Liam Hemsworth as Will. In the film Ronnie’s parents have split up and Ronnie and her brother visit their dad for the summer. While Ronnie is at the beach she meets a boy called Will and they start to be friends. She also meets a girl called Galadriel and they become quite good friends. Ronnie loves to play the piano and when she’s round Will’s house she shows him how good she is. Unfortunately in the film her dad gets really ill and Ronnie tries to look after him so he doesn’t die.
I really like this film, it is suitable for probably ages 8 and over you should definitely watch it.

By Charlotte