Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Little Mix

Little Mix


Favourite food:lasagne ‘n’ biscuits
Favourite colour:purple ‘n’ teal
Favourite musicins:anyone motown or Amy Winehouse
Favourite movie: Disney, PS I Love U ‘n’ Seven Pounds
Favourite albums / songs? Albums 'Back to Black', 'I Am Sasha Fierce' or 'Sigh No More' by Mumford ‘n’ Sons. Songs any Motown or musical song, or 'To Know Him Is To Love Him' cover by Amy Winehouse 
Random fact:Jade is addicted to biscuits
Nickname:Used to get called Pickle ‘cos I was 'so cute u cud keep me in a pickle jar' now it's Poopey
Where did she grow up:South Sheilds

By Hayley

One Direction

Harry wants his first child to be a girl, and would like to name her Darcy.

Niall is a natural brunette.

Zayn has a tattoo on his chest which says his Grandfathers name on it, in Arabic.

Liam has a fear of spoons.

Louis has 4 younger sisters.

Harry came up with the name ‘ONE DIRECTION’

Liam cried while watching ‘Toy Story 3’

Louis likes girls who eat carrots.

Niall cried while watching ‘Finding Nemo’

Zayn’s parents come from Pakistan.

Louis fancy’s Natalie Portman.

Louis wants to be able to fly.

Liam thinks tattoos are ‘hot’

Niall goes after shy girls.

When Louis is bored he pokes Harry's dimples to annoy him :)

Zayn's favorite food is chicken.

Harry's favorite band is The Beatles.

Harry hates olives.

Zayn used to eat paper when he was younger.

 Zayn doesn't like his lips.

Louis is 5'9" or 174cm
Zayn is 5'9" or 174cm
Liam is 5'10" or 178cm
Harry is 5'10" or 178cm
Niall is 5'7" or 171cm


If Liam wasn't in the band he would work in a factory building airplanes.

If Harry wasn't in the band he would be at university studying and would work in a bakery.

Liam and Louis have made Harry cry twice.
 By giving him a GIANT wedgie then ripping his Calvin Klein underwear and straightening his gorgeous curly hair in his sleep.

Niall screamed when Justin Bieber followed him.

The lads are going to be doing video diaries early 2012 but they are rumored to be scripted unlike the ones for the X-Factor.

Harry has a Christmas jumper with skiing people on it.

Zayn does funny dancing when he is drunk.

By Lily

Tuesday, 16 October 2012



I think hop is a good film I loved it. It’s amazing, I like the part when he poops
Jelly beans. Its awesome!
Directed by Tim Hill

Produced by Chris Melmdandri
And Michele Imperator Stabile

I think people should watch hop because it’s funny and its awesome and cool.
Casey Leigh

louis tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

Dislikes: baked beans
He was born on Christmas eve
He is the oldest member
His mum is called Johanna and his dad is called mark
He does not like tattoos
He can play the piano
His favourite colour is dark red
He has a dog called ted
He first met harry in the x-factor toilets
He played Danny in  the film Greece
He has a pigeon called Kevin [not a real one!]

He does not like being the oldest member

By Ellie

Thursday, 4 October 2012

School Council

Orchard Junior First School Council Meeting

Everyone met up for the first school council meeting of the school year. The meeting was led by Mrs Atkinson and Mrs Lawless and all the councillors got to meet one another.  The Chairperson needed to be elected and three councillors put themselves forward for the post.  Adam, Amy and Emily all wanted the position and they told the other council members why they should be the Chairperson.  The councillors all voted in secret and Emily was elected.  Adam and Amy took the secretary positions.

The council discussed the good things about the school including how the school is organised and the great sports teams that we have.  They decided that there were lots of opportunities for change and improvement.  They also discussed the things that maybe could be improved. 

The councillors came away from the meeting with some good ideas that they were going to discuss with their classes.

This could be a very exciting time for Orchard with lots of new and interesting developments. 

We will keep you posted!!!!

By Mrs Sneddon


Tennis has been around for many years and has inspired many people. Harry Gem and his friend Augurio Perera invented the great game of tennis. Tennis rackets started with wooden frames where’s as rackets now they have metal frames. Murray is a tennis champion right now because he won gold in the Olympics and he won the U.S Open. You should play this sport because it is a good sport to use your wrists and run around a lot. Nadal, Federer and Jockavich are also popular tennis stars. I play for waterside tennis club. My lessons are from 6:00 pm 7:00pm. I started tennis because it was good for my health and it is good exercise.

2 facts on Andy Murray
·        Andy Murray comes from Glasgow, Scotland
·        He was born on May the 5th of 1987

2 facts on Roger Federer
·        Roger Federer comes from Switzerland
·        He was born on august 8th 1981

By Andrew