Tuesday, 18 October 2011

OJS's favourite sports

Ever wanted to know Orchard Junior School’s favourite sport? Well find out now!

From running to tag rugby athletics to football, tennis and more we are one big sporty school!

by Lucy&Amy

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Bed in the secret house base mean-while

Voldamort is BEING sneaky!

Harry needed to go back to Hogwarts to see Hagrid,Ron and Hermione but snape was headmasterharry was in big troble!

by luke

New book info!!

Sapphire Battersea.

Sapphire Battersea is the new book that award winning Jacqueline Wilson has written. Sapphire Battersea is the sequel to Hetty Feather. Hetty Feather is about a Victorian girl who has been taken to a foundling hospital when she was a baby and was soon adopted by a lady who Hetty grows to love and calls mum. When Hetty was young her big brother Jem took her to the circus where she met Madam Adeline, Hetty grows to believe that Madame Adeline is her mother but when Hetty is soon to be 6 she has to be taken back to the hospital to train to be a servant. While at the hospital she is friends with the kitchen maid Ida who she does not realise is her own mother. Hetty runs away on Queen Victoria’s golden jubilee, when she returns Ida faints and when she and hetty are alone tells her she’s her mother and that her real name is Sapphire Battersea. The sequel Sapphire Battersea is when Hetty is due to leave the foundling hospital at 14 years old as a servant ….follow her as she finds her first love and will she be reunited with Jem…….?

I’m not going to say anymore because I don’t want to spoil it for you so I hope you enjoy the book.


Affordable Tablet for all launched in India

This Weak in India a £23 tablet was released to provide access to computing in poorer villages and towns across the country.

The tablet is called "Aakash" Meaning "sky" is to be reckoned to be the worlds cheapest tablet pc. It is hoped to be popular with students in India, but other cheap tablets have been very slow and poor graphics so only time will tell.

Moshi monster

Moshi monster is a virtual game where you get a pet and you have to feed it and take it to places. There are shops that you can take it to and buy them stuff - you can get moshlings. Moshlings are little kinds of pet for the moshi monster . How you get them is when you’re level 3 you get to be a super moshi and you can get them in the moshi monster garden but if you’re not a member you can’t get over 2 but you do have to pay to be a member I would recommend moshi monster for any one and all ages .By Olivia

sun bear cub

Sun Bear Food and Foraging

The Sun Bear is the smallest species of bear in the world. They grow to about 4 feet in length and have a very sleek and short black coat. They weigh around 100 pounds on average, and due to their stocky build they resemble large dogs, leading to the nickname the “Dog Bear”.
They get their Sun Bear name from a patch of hair on their chests. This patch of hair can be golden or white in colour and is shaped like a horseshoe. It is said to resemble the rising Sun.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

wonderful disney world

Wonderful Disney world!
When I went to Disney world we went on lots of rides one of the rides was the tower of horror we went up and then we zoomed back down it made my tummy fill weird it was really fun and fantastic and super. We also saw stitch and also went on water slides in water parks. We met Minnie mouse, Mickey Mouse, Shammou, goofy, Donald, Daisy, and Pluto.
I managed to get picket money every Saturday morning and sometimes at night times. We really enjoyed it at Disney world the because the villa’s were really comfy you should go and try them they are so comfy. You should go on the rides that are in Disney world they are really good. Hope you like it there
Bythe wonderful Paige.

Lemonade mouth


Lemonade mouth stars Stella yamada (Haley kiyoko), Olivia white (Bridget Mendler), Charlie Delgado (Blake Michael), Mo banjaree (Naomi Scott) and Wen Gifford (Adam hicks) When new girl Stella yamada comes to mesa high she believes in freedom meanwhile the head teacher (Christopher McDonald) believes in sports and keeping everything organized the 5 teenagers all mind up in detention and while teacher miss reznick (Tisha Campbell-martin) is out of the room the 5 teens sing miss reznick hears from outside the door and tries to convince the teens to form a band so she can show the head teacher that sports is not all that matters not long after the kids become best friends and they perform their first gig at the schools Halloween party they get shut off by the head teacher , their next gig is at their schools big talent show and they don’t win but they get a big stage and a new piano for Miss reznick so its all good. This movie is so good I love it because of the music and storyline. Hope you enjoy the movie.