Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Lemonade mouth


Lemonade mouth stars Stella yamada (Haley kiyoko), Olivia white (Bridget Mendler), Charlie Delgado (Blake Michael), Mo banjaree (Naomi Scott) and Wen Gifford (Adam hicks) When new girl Stella yamada comes to mesa high she believes in freedom meanwhile the head teacher (Christopher McDonald) believes in sports and keeping everything organized the 5 teenagers all mind up in detention and while teacher miss reznick (Tisha Campbell-martin) is out of the room the 5 teens sing miss reznick hears from outside the door and tries to convince the teens to form a band so she can show the head teacher that sports is not all that matters not long after the kids become best friends and they perform their first gig at the schools Halloween party they get shut off by the head teacher , their next gig is at their schools big talent show and they don’t win but they get a big stage and a new piano for Miss reznick so its all good. This movie is so good I love it because of the music and storyline. Hope you enjoy the movie.


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