Thursday, 4 October 2012

School Council

Orchard Junior First School Council Meeting

Everyone met up for the first school council meeting of the school year. The meeting was led by Mrs Atkinson and Mrs Lawless and all the councillors got to meet one another.  The Chairperson needed to be elected and three councillors put themselves forward for the post.  Adam, Amy and Emily all wanted the position and they told the other council members why they should be the Chairperson.  The councillors all voted in secret and Emily was elected.  Adam and Amy took the secretary positions.

The council discussed the good things about the school including how the school is organised and the great sports teams that we have.  They decided that there were lots of opportunities for change and improvement.  They also discussed the things that maybe could be improved. 

The councillors came away from the meeting with some good ideas that they were going to discuss with their classes.

This could be a very exciting time for Orchard with lots of new and interesting developments. 

We will keep you posted!!!!

By Mrs Sneddon

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