Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Lurking Litter

Everyone knows about terrible litter but no-one seems to listen. The government tell us again and again but only sensible people care.
It’s hurting the environment, especially animals because if they get trapped, they can usually never get out. This tragedy has happened many times however, if we start to listen more carefully to people’s words, we could save hundreds, even thousands, of happy lives.
Animals get wounded, even killed, just because of dirty rubbish. They’re just like us and deserve as much respect as we get.
It is true that:
1. 88% of animals get injured by glass.
2. 71% of animals get ill from swallowing food on the floor.
3. 51% of animals get cut by cans.
I say it’s wrong and unfair on the animals so clean up the environment or some people will despise your angry reputation! Even if you tidy up the world even the tiniest bit, you will help Mother Nature.
I find it very disappointed about the environment but you should too, otherwise:
· Maybe some species will become extinct.
· We won’t be able to learn about the wildlife.
Please look at my work and I hope you respond to my article.

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