Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Cheeky Jokes For Kids

Sophie: What is Snow White’s Brother called?

Ellen: Egg White! Get the yolk?’

Sophie: I hate my granny!

Ellen: Have you tried her with some ketchup?

Sophie: When I grow up I want to be a millionaire I’ll own a big mansion without any bathrooms.

Ellen: Why no bathrooms?

Sophie: I want to be filthy rich!

Sophie: Is it good manners to eat chicken with your fingers?

Ellen: No, you should eat your fingers separately.

Sophie: I can lie in bed and watch the sun rise.

Ellen: So what? I can sit in a chair and watch the kitchen sink.

Ellen: Do you want to hear a dirty joke?

Sophie: Okay.

Ellen: The white horse fell in the mud!

Ellen: Did your dad help you with your homework?

Sophie: No, he did it all himself!

Ellen: I asked everybody to draw a ring why did you draw a square?

Sophie: This Square is a ring – a boxing ring.

Ellen: My friend thinks she has the face of a twenty year old.

Sophie: Well she better give it back – she is making it all wrinkled!

Dr. Ellen: What type of filling do you want in your mouth?

Sophie: Chocolate fudge would be fantastic.

Sophie: Spell mouse.

Ellen: M-O-U-S

Sophie: Yes but what is on the end of it?

Ellen: Easy, a tail.

By Sophie and Ellen

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