Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The Tale of Despereaux

The Tale of Despereaux is a movie about a small mouse who loves music, stories and a princess called Pea. That small little mouse is called Despereaux Tilling. He’s not just a normal little mouse. He is very brave and lets nothing defeat him. It’s also about a little rat called Roscuro who lives in the darkness with no friends at all. At the start of the movie it is a day called Soup day at a place called The Kingdom of Dor. Soup day is a very special day for every one who lives there because the chef of the town shares his new soup recipe with the people of the town. But because the rat Roscuro interfered with the cooking ,because the soup smelt so nice, he accidentally fell from the chandelier and lands on the queens soup! The queen is so scared so Roscuro tries to apologize, but the horrified Queen screams and drops dead of a heart attack. On that terrible day, the kingdom changed forever. The heartbroken King banishes both soup and rats from his kingdom. But he doesn’t know that a massive world of rats live in the castle’s dungeon. So what will happen to the king, the rat Roscuro and the brave little mouse Despereaux Tilling.

By Amy

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