Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Little Mix

Little Mix


Age: 21
Favourite food: Nandos
Favourite colour: Every Colour!
Favourite movies: Taken
Nicknames: Jesminda
Random fact: She has a weird habit of clicking her knuckles!
Where did you grow up? : Essex


Age: 20
Favourite food: Nachos all the trimmings
Favourite Colour: Green
Favourite movies: Titanic, Jason’s lyric and anything scary!
Nickname: Fresh princess
Random fact: she has a phobia of flies (and any bugs that fly!)
Where did you grow up? : High Wycombe


Age: 19  
Favourite food: Lasagne and biscuits  
Favourite colour: Purple and teal
Favourite movies: Disney, PS I love you and seven pounds
Nickname: Used to get called Pickle because I was 'so cute u cud keep me in a pickle jar' now it's Poopey

Random fact: Jade is scared of clowns
Where did you grow up: South Shields


Age: 18
Favourite food: Everything!!
Favourite colour: blue
Favourite movies: The Notebook
Nickname: Pezz
Random fact:Perrie has a tiny oesophagus so she can't swallow anything larger than a grain of rice - she can't take medicine in the form of pills!
Where did you grow up: South Sheilds
By Evie

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