Tuesday, 4 December 2012

One Direction

One Direction!
Band members: Harry ,Liam ,Niall ,Louis ,Zayn


Mum: is called Anne
Sister: is called Gemma
Birthday: is 1st Febuary 1994
Hidden talent: juggling
Dislikes: mayonnaise

Top 5 facts
·       He knows how to knit
·       Talks in his sleep
·       He can play the kazoo
·       He can speak French
·       Harry likes to take long showers

Mum: Karen
Dad: Geoff
Sisters: Nicole and Ruth
Birthday:29th August 1993
Dislikes: spoons

Top 5 facts

·       He has a strange fear of spoons
·       With his fear of spoons he eats ice-cream with a fork
·       Doesn’t dink alcohol
·       He only has 1 kidney
·       Favourite colour is purple

: Niall
Dad Bobby
Mum: Mora
Brother: Greg
Birthday: 13th September 1993
Dislikes: the TV show the only way is Essex

Top 5 facts

·       He never went to a school prom
·       He sings in the shower
·       Niall’s microphone has the colours of the Irish flag stuck on the bottom of it
·       He is Irish
·       His middle name is James


Mum: Johanna
Dad: Mark
Sisters: Charlotte, Felicity and twins daisy and phoebe
Birthday: Christmas Eve 1991
Dislikes: tattoos

Top 5 facts
·       He has a dog named Ted
·       He once pulled a Moonie at his head teacher
·       Because of that he got suspended and had to retake year 12
·       His favourite colour is dark red
·       He played Danny in the film Grease


Mum: Tricia
Dad: Yaser
Sisters: Waliyha, Safaa and Doniha
birthday: 12th January 1993
Dislikes: heights

Top 5 facts

·       ‘Zayn’ means beautiful in Arabic
·       Favourite food is chicken
·        He has light brown eyes
·       He can play the triangle
·       His shoe size 8 and a half
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