Tuesday, 27 November 2012

bin, adventure quest and adventure quest worlds

Bin Weevils, Adventure Quest and Adventure Quest Worlds

Bin Weevils
Bin Weevils is were you have a weevil which is like an ant. You also have a bin which is like a nest. You can buy things like: wallpaper, beds, wardrobes, etc. You can also buy pets and plants for your garden. When you plant a seed you can grow it. When your plant has grown you can sell it. You should go on Bin Weevils because you can chat and have fun.

 Adventure Quest
Adventure Quest is a great game because you can fight and destroy monsters. First you must create a player and then you can choose weather you work the quest alone or weather you want to do it with someone. I think you should play it because it is awesome.

Adventure Quest Worlds
Adventure Quest Worlds is the same as Adventure Quest.



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