Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Club Penguin

I keep hearing about Club Penguin. What is it?!

Club Penguin is an online virtual community owned by Disney, and aimed at children aged six to 14 years of age. Users create a cute cartoon penguin to represent themselves in the world which is set on a snow-covered island. Users can take part in a number of activities and games, or chat with other users. These messages are typed and they appear in a speech bubble above their penguin’s head. When you play mini-games you earn money which provides you to buy clothes for your penguin.
                                         Does it cost anything?
               No, it’s absolutely free except if you want to be a member you pay!                                                           
You can become a ninja at the Dojo! You have to compete against other players first and earn the belts. There are 9 belts to earn then you become a ninja and you can go into the secret room, but you can only do things in there if you’re a member! Like become a water ninja or a fire ninja!

                                                      Pets for penguin
If you go to the Plaza and go in the pet shop you can buy a pet puffle for your penguin. You can feed it and play with it and even put it on a lead so you can walk around town with it!

So now you have all the facts about club penguin - it’s a great game!

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