Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Olden time recipes

Here are some of the odd recipes that they had in the 1800’s:

Gooseberry Pudding, 1859

Brown Onion Soup, 1859

Baked Almond Pudding, 1859

Stewed Celery, 1878

Stewed "Spinach," 1859

Marmalade Pudding, 1867

Oyster Gumbo, 1867

Veal-Cake, 1867

Fruit Biscuits, 1867

Not too long ago, newspapers were one of the only ready sources of fresh cooking inspiration for most people. While nearly every person probably had a treasured cookbook or two, people couldn't just search Yahoo or click over to Amazon’s Cookbooks whenever they needed a new idea!

That is why these recipes probably don’t appeal to you!


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