Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Moshi Monsters

Hi everyone, the Moshi Monsters expert is here! If any of you don’t know about Moshi Monsters, they are GREAT and they have been advertised on TV. I’ve got all 6 monsters and its brill but hard work doing all the daily challenges. For you people who don’t know what a moshi monsters is here are some basic facts about it!


Moshi Monsters is an interactive social networking game by Mindcandy that lets you choose a monster, choose your own colour for your new friend, raise it, and keep it content by feeding it and playing games with it. Playing games rewards the player with ‘rox’ (money as you know it) that can be used to purchase accessories for pets and furniture for their house. Players can visit other monsters houses, look at their items in their house and rate the house based on its over all appeal. Children up to the age of about 14 will enjoy the surreal , colourful world of the monster the most. They can make friends with other monster owners, chat over the forums and you have a pinboard of your own that only friends can talk to you on. You can even try to grow your own plants that will attract a pet for your monster buddy.


Monster tamers should visit the moshi monsters website at New players start off by clicking ‘’play now’’ on the main page. They will be whisked to the monster adoption center, where they can pick their new friend. As I said I’ve got all 6 so you’ll be guessing there’s 6 monsters to choose from, including a poppet, a very sweet little bear, a luvli or some people call them cherries as they look like one, or a rabbit like one called a katsuma, a diavlo with a volcano head, and a furi which you could probably guess by the name is very furry. They are all completely different. Once you’ve chosen your monster you can choose its colours. Players then agree to play a brief set of rules, which encourage everyone to play safely. Then the monsters ‘’adoption papers’’ must be filled out. You can play for free, but if you want to be a full member you have to pay!

By Lucy

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