Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Year 6 V.E Day Party

Yr 6’s V.E Day Party

Year 6 had a V.E day party to celebrate the end of our World War 2 topic.
Everybody made cakes and dressed up. They looked FANTASTIC!!! Well done everybody!

Firstly, everyone sang loads of brilliant songs from the war era. Then everyone did the conga and was being really silly! After that every body ate the cakes that every one so generously baked for us to enjoy.

The next day we sold the leftover cakes and made £25.00 to give to the Royal British Legion. It is a charity which helps all the brave soldiers that gave their lives for our country.

Everybody in Year Six would like to say a big thanks to every one who so generously baked cakes and made the effort to dress up!
We had a BRILL time and it was a memorable day!

By Amelia and Marianne

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