Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Camp Rock!

Camp Rock is a Disney channel original movie, it’s a real big hit! It is suitable for all ages. It stars the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lavoto, Alison Stoner and loads of other great actors. There are loads of cool songs such as “This is Me”, “We Rock”, “Too Cool for You”, “Start the Party” and many more. The Characters are Mitchie Torres, Shan Gray, Tess Tyler, Ella and Peggy. The film is about a girl called Mitchie who goes to a stage school called Camp Rock. She has to work to pay her way, but keeps this a secret. She tries to fit in and tells a huge lie, that her Mum is President of Hot Tunes TV! Tess invites Mitchie to share their cabin with Ella and Peggy. Then Tess finds Mitchie`s song book and asks Mitchie to sing one of her songs to her. Mitchie is a great singer and Tess is jealous. In the middle of the film there’s a food fight and it’s all Tess’s fault. Caitlin gets in trouble but Mitchie hasn’t told anyone that she works at the kitchen and Caitlin’s punishment is to work there. She finds out her secret! At the beach jam Tess finds out Mitchie`s secret and tells everyone.
Who will win in final jam………

By Lucy

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cheekymoo10 said...

it sounds really good i have to watch it