Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Ant and Dec’s Push the Button

Ant and Dec’s Push the Button is a hilarious show on ITV1 where two families go head to head to win the grand prize. First Ant and Dec give both families £100,000 but the small games are designed to take money off that total! The games are always different, there have been games where you had to feel what was inside the boxes and guess what it its. There has been a game where there was a big head of Simon Cowell and teeth slotted down for 3 seconds. You had to count up the teeth and at the end the person with the score closest to the highest wins. When you win an activity you push the button and take 5,000 pounds off the other family, but some of the games you have to do something really quick, and the cash you have got counts down! The family who wins gets to face D.A.V.E! Each member of the family has their own button to press which plays a note. D.A.V.E plays a sequence of notes and each member of the family has to press their button in the right order to repeat the sequence. If they get all the sequences right they get to keep all the money they won. Unfortunately the show is over for now but I am sure it will be back on soon!

By Amy

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