Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Spongebob Sqaurepants

Spongebob is a funny sponge who is square and yellow. His best friend is called Patrick, he’s a starfish. Sometimes they are really really stupid! Spongebob. Patrick’s next door neighbour is Squid ward, an octopus, I don’t know why they call him a squid! Spongebob has another friend, Sandy, she is a squirrel. She likes karate and all survivor things. Spongebob’s manager is Mr Crabs and he absolutely loves money, if you take away his money he would get very angry with you. Plankton is Spongebob and Mr Crab’s enemy, he always tries to steal the krabby Patti formula. He uses all kinds of disguises, once he pretended to be a bug but he got stepped on (what a relief)! There’s also Pearl, she is Mr Crab’s daughter. She is a whale, a very heavy whale - in fact in one episode she falls through her bedroom floor and lands in front of her dad (Mr Crabs)! Mr Crabs forgets it is Pearl’s birthday the next day so he has to get Sponge Bob to buy all the stuff that Pearl wants.He ends up with all the stuff Pearl wants and Mr Crabs is not very happy because Sponge Bob has spent too much money. Gary is Sponge Bob’s pet snail. He is one of my favourite characters, even though he doesn’t talk. He is a very cute snail. I think Sponge Bob thinks he is cute too. I think you should watch this episode you’ll love it!
By Ella

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