Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Horse riding!

I started going horse riding on Saturday 12.9.09.

I rode a horse called Dave on my first and second

times there. On my second time my leader (who leads the horse) said that if I kept on riding Dave

I would be a great horse-rider when I got older.

Unfortunately I rode Coco on my third time and

Gem on my fourth. But luckily, on my fifth lesson,

I was with Dave again.

On my sixth lesson, my Nana and Grandpa took me. I rode Mowgli on that lesson, but I didn’t really

like him that much.

The next week was Halloween, so there was no

Horse-riding. But the week after that

I was with Dave again!

Disaster struck! I was getting my helmet on when

I heard that the people who owned Dave were going to sell him! I rode him that day and when

I got home I cried for twenty minutes in my bedroom. It was probably the last time I will ever see Dave again. Bye Dave!

By Alice 5ZJ

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