Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Sally Johnson Ballet Club

In Hedge End, in Wildern School there is a ballet school run by a professional ballet dancer by the name of Sally Johnson. Sally was trained by the Royal Ballet School in London. She also has other people who help her who do jazz, modern, grade ballet and lots of other type of dance. It is great fun and anyone can do it with any level of experience of dance. Also it is a good way to keep fit! The first time I joined I didn’t know anyone but by the next week I knew nearly everyone. Sadly it is only for children. In ballet if Sally thinks you are good enough she will talk with you and your parents and see if you want to do festivals. These are the best! Her website is sjacademyofdance. If you would like to dance then come and join us. Can’t wait to see you!!

By Fleur 5ZJ

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