Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Adam’s hospital experience

I needed to go into hospital for an operation on my knee. First of all when I got to the hospital, a lady called Emma showed and told me about the gown and the magic cream. The magic cream goes on the backs of both of your hands and on the inner elbow and a sticky plaster over the top and that makes it numb so they can put the cannula in one of them. The reason they do those four particular places is so they can find the best vein in your body to put you to sleep, I then needed to get a gown on so I could go down to theatre. We went down in the lifts and went into this little room with a wacky lady. I got on a trolley and the funny lady wheeled me into the room where they put you to sleep. They tried to put the cannula in my left hand but they didn’t think it was as good as the vein in my right hand, so they put it in my right. I was a bit scared about them putting the anesthetics in my hand but it was alright. They put the magic milk (anesthetics) in my hand, I counted to three and I was knocked out. When I woke up I was really dopy because I didn’t know my Dad was there for four hours and just when he was going to leave - I came around so he stayed a bit longer. The first thing I moaned was “I’m hungry!!” so Mum went and got me eight cheese sandwiches and two drinks of blackcurrant juice!! I then looked down at my leg and saw it was in a huge plaster. At the side of my bed I saw that my Mum had made me a balloon because at the shop the last ‘get well’ balloon was Bratz so my Mum bought the letters and stuck them on the balloon, my Mum says that while I was having my operation she was doing ‘operation balloon’. Now I’ve got my leg in a brace and in five weeks hopefully I will be normal!!


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Mr Hastings said...

Great story Adam. Very brave, looks like both the operation and operation ballon went well!