Tuesday, 3 May 2011


1. A cowboy went into town on Friday. He stayed in town for three days and left on Friday how did he do it?

2. A magician was boasting about how he could stay under water for 6 minutes. A boy comes up to him and says “That’s nothing, I bet you £10,000 I can stay under water for 100 minutes “ The boy managed to do it and won the money. How did he do it?

3. An electric train was going south and the wind was going east so which way did the smoke go?

4. A rooster laid an egg on top of a roof and then the wind blew north. Which way did the egg go?

1. His horses name was Friday!

2. He filled up a glass of water and held it on his head.

3. There was no smoke, it was an electric train.

4. There was no egg because roosters can’t lay eggs (they are male.)

By Megan and Zoe

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