Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Moshi Monsters!

Moshi Monsters is a world called Monstro City were you can interact with your own monster. When you get into the Moshi Monsters home page you can choose which monster you want. There are 5 monsters: Luvil, Poppet, Zommer, Furi and Diavlio. Then you can choose the colour. When you get in you will see your monster walk outside its house and then you will choose a name. You can design and decorate your own house. There are three roads: Sludge Street, Main Street and Ola la Lane. In Main Street there are two furniture shops where you can use some money called Rox.

You have to get to a certain level to buy certain things. When you get home from shopping you can click on a little treasure chest at the side and the items you bought will come up and you move them to where you want it to go. I enjoy using Moshi Monsters because I can play with my monster and also talk to my friends and family.

Have fun!
By Madeline Cocker

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