Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Build a Bear Workshop

Build A Bear-Ville

Build A Bear-Ville is a virtual world connected to a shop in West Quay

Southampton called Build A Bear Workshop where you can make your own bear.

First you choose the bear you want, then you walk over to a machine where you stuff them. At the back of the bear there is a hole and on the end of the machine there is a tube, you put the hole on the end of the tube and hold a button with your foot and then it stuffs your bear!

The second bit is where you bathe your bear at the mini spa .You brush your bear and give it a bath!

After you have done that you choose the clothes and shoes, they always look really cute! If you ask a member of staff they will give you a free bow for your bear’s ear.

When you are all done you go to a computer and name your bear!

You get a birth certificate for your bear.

When you come home with your furry friend if you have a computer you can create an account on build a bear-Ville. On the website you can make a new character and you can name your character and give your character a make-over. When you log into account you go to a little shop (they have little shops in build a bear Ville)! The shop you click on is in the town square and its called build a bear workshop. When you get in you click on a little bear and he will wave! When you enter the shop you click on him and enter the code on your bear’s birth certificate. Then you will have your bear online too! You can get money for your character and maybe even a gift too! There are lots of games and you can also add friends. It’s very fun to play with and worth joining.

Madeline Cocker

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