Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Wanted:A Profile

Nathan James Sykes  

Age: 17
Date of birth: 18/04/93
Star sign: Aries
Fav food: spag bowl, Chinese, soup and roast dinners.
Eye colour: green/blue
Hair colour: brown
Height: 5ft 9in
Fav band: boy ll men.
Football Team: Manchester United
Fav Animal: Cat
Fav TV Show as a kid: Saturday show (BBC)
Recent TV Show: Match of the Day! /Britain’s Got Talent
Fav Trainers: Converse

James McGuiness aka jay

Age: 20
Date of birth: 24/07/90
Star sign: Leo
Fav food: pizza, pasta and pesto, chips, cheese toasties, starbars, eggs in any form!
Eye colour: blue
Hair colour: brown
Height: 6’1’’
Fav band: Coldplay, Newton Faulkner, Florence, Jack Penate, Damien Rice, Justin.
Football team: Celtic, at a push, he rarely watches footy
Fav animal: chimp
Fav TV show as a kid: How 2,
Recent TV show: Anything with David Attenborough, and Misfits!
Fav trainers: converse.

Maximillian Alberto George

Age: 22
Date Of Birth: 06/09/1988
Hometown: Manchester
Star Sign: Virgo
Fav Food: Dominos, full English, steak.
Height: 5'8"
Eye Colour: Grey
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Fav Band: Queen
Football Team: Man City
Fav Animal: Great White Shark
Fav TV Show as a kid: The Turtles
Recent TV Show: X Factor
Fav Trainers: Nike

Siva Kaneswaran

Age: 21
Date Of Birth: 16/11/1988
Hometown: Ireland
Star Sign: Scorpio
Fav Food: Shepherd's pie, Brownies, stew.
Height: 6ft 1.
Eye Colour: Brown (tall dark and handsome)
Hair Colour: Black with a few ginger hairs.
Fav Band: Switchfoot.
Football Team: Manchester City or Bolton.
Fav Animal: Dog.
Fav TV Show as a kid: Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Recent TV Show: Family Guy.
Fav Trainers: Y3 Yoji Yamamoto for Adidas.

Tom Parker

Age: 22
Date Of Birth: 04/08/1988
Hometown: Bolton
Star Sign: Leo
Fav Food: Indian, Italian
Height: 5ft 10
Eye Colour: Hazel
Hair Colour: Brown
Fav Band: Oasis
Football Team: Bolton Wanderers
Fav Animal: Parrot
Fav TV Show as a kid: Rosie and Jim
Recent TV Show: The Inbetweeners
Fav Trainers: Reebok

By Chloe Dixon

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