Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Got To Dance is a brilliant TV program on Sky1/ Sky1HD. Got To Dance is a competition a bit like Britain’s Got Talent and the Xfactor, but the only thing you can do is dance. This TV program is hosted by Davina Mcall. The judges are Ashley Banjo (the leader of diversity), Adam Garcia (an Australian actor and tap dancer) and Kimberly Wyatt (an American singer and song writer. She was also in Pussy Cat Dolls). There are several stages you have to get through to win the £250,000. First, you have to audition and to get through this you have to have 2 gold stars or more. If you get two red stars or more then you have to go home. Secondly, when they get through from the auditions they get through to the short list which is when the judges decide who goes through to the semi-finals. Next you go through to the live semi-finals which is when the public vote. Finally, if you get through to the live final- you’ve guessed it already –you win if you get the most votes!

By Emma-Louise Precious

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