Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Mamma Mia!

Donna is an independent Mother who owns a small hotel on a Greek Island. Donna is about to give away Sophie, her daughter, who is getting married. Sophie has secretly invited three guests who used to be Donna’s boyfriends without her mum knowing! One of them is Sophie’s Dad, but which one? Her mum is annoyed when she eventually finds out! Sophie hides them in the old goat house, so her Mum is furious, because she hid them without telling her. What will Donna do when she finds out about the secret guests?

Sophie’s mum and her best friends used to be in a band when they were a bit younger. Sophie’s Mum, Donna, has become a bit more mature in the years that have passed, but her friends have definitely not! The band play at the wedding, wearing their old costumes from the ‘70s. Will they still remember how to play?

I really recommend this film to people who like musicals, but even if you don’t it’s a great film because it’s funny and it’s got a great happy ending. If you like this film you would definitely like the Mamma Mia sing along. The words come up on the screen and everyone sings! The soundtrack is already out and the film is out on dvd now! I hope you enjoy this film!

By Chantel

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