Tuesday, 21 October 2008


There are lots of different types of horses around the world (they are mammals.)They come in all sorts of colours such as: brown, black and white.
There are many breeds of horses around such as: Domestic, Welsh Mountain and New Forest.
There are lots of different speeds that you can ride: walk, trot, canter and gallop. You can have riding lessons at many places around the forest (such as Pink Mead in Botley and Sims Cottage in New Milton.) Before you go out on your horse make sure it has been fed and watered.
You have to clean out your horse’s stable twice a week. Horses have sawdust and hay in their stables. You will need to get the farrier out once a month to get your horses hoofs checked.
Food and Drink
You can feed your horses lots of different types of foods such as: mixes, cubes, hay and snacks. You need to check your horse’s food and water twice a day.
You can enter your horses in shows (which is really fun!) You can do dressage shows, jumping and many more! You can also do fancy dress where you and your horse get dressed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Horse riding is such a great hobby! Will you join?
by Lauren, Marianne
and Emily

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