Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragon lizards are native to Australia. They live in rocky and hot countries oAnd are amazingly good climbers. Dragons have large triangular heads and flat bodies with pointed scales along the sides. They are omnivorous, which means eating both insects and plants.

Pet Bearded Dragon FactsBearded dragons make a great pet lizard. They don’t get too large, eat a wide variety of foods, are active during the day, and are gentle animals. Bearded dragons only are kept in zoos, have limited care requirements, readily available, and inexpensive. A bearded dragon can be a great addition to your family.
Well that’s all I can tell you for now but I will be back with more information so see you later!
by Harry


Chantel said...

I have a bearded dragon, his names Lex, they are quite hard to keep because you have to feed them mealworms, crickets, locusts, grubs,and many more horrible things!And these dont come cheap either,they get very big!Their teeth also get sharp! we let my lizard run around the house, but when we do he always eats the carpet and falls asleep behind the curtain.
From Chantel Houghton yr 6

Chantelsmh said...

Hello, I have a bearded Dragon, they are an amazing pet to have, but are quite hard and expensive to keep!My lizard has never bit anyone except from the unlucky locusts,mealworms,waxworms,earthworms and many more discusting things he eats!but he does eat one normal thing he eats salad.I really recommend these as pets but not first time pets because as I said they are hard to have as pets.
From Chantel H in YR6.