Tuesday, 17 June 2008

An Interview with Clare Kennedy from the Daily Echo

The Orchard School Journalism Club asked a reporter from the Daily Echo if she would like to come to our school. Her name was Clare Kennedy and we asked her some questions about being a reporter and her job. Here are some that we thought of:

Firstly, we asked her how reporters think of stories. Clare replied,“We usually find our stories from the services (Police, Fire Brigade and Ambulance), meetings, the local courts and sometimes, people just phone in with stories.

Secondly, we asked her; how do you write an interesting story.
She said,“Always use the five W’s, What, Why, When, Where and Who. The intro should be small and tell you straight what it’s about.

Next we asked her; how do you encourage the reader to read on? She said, “It has to be interesting and has to make sense. It also needs a bit of flavour added to it.

After that, we also questioned Clare about how long it usually takes to write a good story. Clare told us that it could take from one minute to one week and you must get it done extremely quickly.

Finally, we asked Clare if she ever worked in pairs on stories. She stated that reporters usually work alone.

We found our first interview exciting and interesting, and very useful because it helped us learn how to write a story like the professionals do!

By Professional Reporters Ellen and Harry

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