Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Letters to Juliet

Letters to Juliet is all about a woman called Sophie who works for a magazine, and her fiancé Victor who is a chef and is obsessed with cooking. But unfortunately that becomes a problem because Sophie starts to think he cares more about food then her! Just for fun, Sophie and Victor decide to have a ‘pre-honeymoon’ so they go to Verona. As Victor is at a restaurant, the lonely Sophie decides to start answering some ‘letters to Juliet’, a special thing they do in Verona. After finding an old letter sent from a teenage girl called Claire 50 years ago about her boyfriend who she had broken up with but now lost, hidden in a crack of the wall, Sophie decides to send a letter back to Claire. The next day Sophie gets a visit from Claire’s grandson Charlie, who tells her that it was a very bad idea to have sent that letter as Claire has decided to find her one true love, Lorenzo. Sophie then decides to travel with them! After finding many Lorenzo’s, but none of them the right ones, will Claire ever find her true love? Letters to Juliet is an excellent film and I really recommend it.

By Amy

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