Tuesday, 5 April 2011

All star weekend

All star weekend is an amazing band from America. The band became famous with the help of the Disney Channel and is now quite well known (by many girls)! All star weekend is a pop/rock group that has a wide range of different songs. One of their most popular songs is DANCE FOREVER which is a really good song and it is worth a listen!

These are the people in All star weekend - there’s the lead singer Zach Porter, lead guitarist Nathan Darmody, bassist Cameron Quiseng and last but not least ,drummer Michael Martinez. Zachary Porter, Nathan Darmody and Cameron Quiseng all went to high school together. Michael Martinez went to a school that held a lot of competitions but he was still good friends with the other three members of the band – surprisingly!

All star weekend are on tour and it is worth trying to get a concert ticket!

by amber

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