Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Hairspray is a film that I recommend for children 6 and above because it is a PG. It has lots of songs including:

1. Good Morning Baltimore 2. The Nicest Kid In Town

3. "I want to be famous" 4. Meet Miss Baltimore Crabs

5. Detention Groove

It is set in 1962 and is about a girl called Tracy who loves to sing and dance. She has big hopes and dreams, for example to dance on "The Corny Collins Show". When her big chance arrives she dances her way into FAME and the eyes of Linkin Larkin, the pop star who all the girls love. But the stage manager is against her, so fashion queen Tracy will need her best friend Polly, her big hearted mum and the gorgeous co-host motormouth Maybelle to show the world that all you need to make your dream come true is a toe-tapping beat and a little bit of HAIRSPRAY!

By Amy

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